I have always been facinated by the shapes and designs of architecture, whether it be Contemporary, Victorian or Gothic. Sometimes those shapes take on a new dimension in ruin--far from the original intent of the designers or builders.

On my own I've been able to find and record many wonderful locations and sites--many in active and continued uses across the South and New England. Thanks to the influence and help of my friend Robert King in Dover, Delaware; I have had a larger world opened to me through urban exploration of ruins and lost homes, as well as the homes of the Hudson Valley in New York and the Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island.

There are too many to post here, but I will post some of the highlights of shots I have done, but one location is special enough to have it's own page: "Wyndcliffe", the former home of author Edith Wharton and the reputed origin of the saying "Keeping up with the Jones's". This poor old home is slowly collapsing into itself and serves as a poignant and yet striking location for photography. To see what I mean, click on the "Wyndcliffe" link.