I got into photography based on 2 strong influences: the first being my father who gave me my first camera and inspiration when I was in my early teens and the 2nd came when I was in Prattville High School (in Alabama) in my Junior year thanks to the efforts of Mr. Keith Golsan, our Yearbook advisor and also the head of the Drama Department. I learned early on that a photographer can gain access to places and even people in unique ways; and for a guy who was never too sure of himself until later in life, the camera has allowed me to grow and and express my particular point of view in a unique way.

In 1994 I made the move from Alabama to New Hampshire and have never looked back. I am constantly amazed by the changing scenery and people-scapes around me. I have had many wonderful opportunities come to me through photography and I am pleased to share in some of my favorite images.

This first color photo is me (while still a high school student) at Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello--it is one of the first pictures of me with a camera "at work". The other photos are just various aspects of me -showing the cheerleaders how to pose, a photo with Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama, photographing first with the Pixy Division of a National Photography Company, then working with MacLean-Stevens Studios formerly out of Concord, New Hampshire; and then mucking around in the ruins of Wyndcliffe or other forms of urban exploration.

The final 2 photos are just for fun. The first is from Provincetown, MA with Varla Jean Merman, and the second is at the Barnstable County Fair out on Cape Cod.

The Baron Marcellus Donald Alexander Ritter von Redlich